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Exclusive supreme courtesy

Enjoy the exclusive supreme courtesy, make business travel experience unforgettable

 Business elites pay special attention to the quality and details of life, and their identity and status are revealed in every single gesture and expression. Whether it be traveling or hotel accommodation, the elites deserve noble and high-class courtesy.

  Fliport VIP boarding service is a flight experience service designed for our VIP guests

The hotel will inquire your requirements and flight time in advance, then arrange special car to take you to the airport VIP room. Simply show the "Fliport VIP Boarding Service Card", and the attendant of the airport VIP room will help you with the check in, baggage check, flight information updates, boarding reminding services. The all-round considerate service can make the whole process smooth without bother. When you complete the check-in formalities, the attendant will lead you to the Fliport Lounge of VIP room, serve you with your favorite tea, snack and free high-speed WIFI coverage, so that you can rest or entertain in your exclusive private area. When the flight boarding time approaches, the VIP room attendant will guide you through special security check passage, and you can take a VIP shuttle bus to the boarding gate.


The free 24-hour service hotline is 400-10-96363, we are willing to provide service for you anytime and anywhere.


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