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1. Base construction at each side

Both sides shall set up a talent training base and a practice base, and carry out all-round, multi-level cooperation on various types of personnel training services such as employee training, skills certification, and continuing education, etc.  

2. Adjunct position and hiring at each side

Both sides shall comply with the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit, and send professional talents to the other side for learning and exchange. The school side can send teachers to the member hotel of Party A for exercise training, and excellent teachers can give training lectures to the employees of Party A.

3. Joint school-running

After reaching an agreement, the two sides can jointly set up a "Fliport class" in the school, which serves as an enterprise staff training site. The teaching and practice plans will be reached through mutual negotiation, and scholarship will be provided by the company.

4. School-enterprise joint construction

The two sides shall give full play to their respective advantages, and develop professional construction as well as exquisite course together; moreover, training venue construction shall be carried out to enhance the level of practice.

Training and development

 Personnel training

* New staff orientation:

"A good beginning is half done", every new staff of the Fliport Group will receive systematic orientation education before commencing his/her work, including general introduction and culture of the enterprise, service concept, policy and regulations, employee benefits, etc. The orientation will help them take the first step to success!

* Job skills training:

Fliport has summarized a systematic listing of skills training required for each post. Through various forms of training methods (on-the-job training, centralized training, online training, external training, self-study, etc.), we ensure that employees can master all kinds of post-related professional knowledge and skills as soon as possible, so as to achieve desired performance goals.

* Special training

According to the strategic development needs, the Fliport will carry out various forms of special training and talent training plans, so that the high-potential talents can promote their management and professional skills in a rapid manner.

* Expansion activities

Rich and colorful expansion activities can promote learning in experience. Exchange ideas during interactions, and grow in the nature!