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Fliport Group management training center

1. Through comprehensively integrating the training strength of Fliport Group Company and its member hotels, and maintaining a good cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign education training institutions (such as the American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Institute), we provide quality Fliport training resources in both directions (internal and external).

2. Currently, we have more than 20 Group-level certified internal trainers, who not only possess rich experience in hotel management and operation, but also have comprehensive training skills in teaching and course design.

3. Courses are mainly set up for the management personnel above supervisor level, and the course system contains the introduction and concept culture of enterprise, professional operation, management skills, training skills, etc.

Training center orientation——the propeller ofenterprise reform and talents development

* The designer of Fliport Group training systems

* The summarizer of Fliport Group knowledge and skills

* The propeller of Fliport Group trainings at all levels

* The promoter of management and professional capability for personnel above supervisor level

Philosophy of the training center

* Create value and improve performance through training

* Stimulate learning and practice through training

* Always focus on the continuous capacity promotion of the enterprise and the employees

* Good managers should be excellent internal trainers

* Learn widely from others' strong points, and promote the optimized integration of training resources

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