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Fliport procurement saves you from hustling. We provide trustworthy quality hotel articles with real price. All items are provided by the strictly screened and certified suppliers, reassuring your purchase!

 Hotel decoration items: furniture, carpet, decorative lamps and lanterns, works of arts, etc;

 Hotel operating items: catering series products (chinaware, cutlery, glassware, banquet furniture, etc.), kitchen series supplies (catering appliances, kitchen accessories, etc.), guest room supplies (bed room set, cloth, customized products, etc.), front office supplies (trolleys, front office supplies, etc.), cleaning supplies (cleaning equipment, cleaning tools and detergent, etc.), other hotel supplies;

 Raw materials of food: poultry, fruits and vegetables, seafood, frozen products, condiment, grain and oil, high-grade dry goods, etc.;

 Tea and food: tea, pre-packaged food, etc.

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