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The Fliport Group has rich experience in the planning and preparation management of hotels. As an expert consultant for hotel owners, we provide professional services and assistance during the planning, designing, construction, and decoration periods of the project, so that the hotels can open on time as scheduled. The supporting services we provide before the opening of a hotel includes:

a. Consultation service at the project initiation stage

Carry out market research, prepare project proposal, and assist the owners to determine the preliminary operation plans and market orientation of the hotel. Based on market study, hotel orientation, business requirements, we will put forward the best development model through multi-dimensional meticulous argumentation on the project background and orientation, market access, investment analysis and operating earnings. The obtained model will suit the characteristics of the project; and the provided construction and management solutions will reasonably control the project construction and operating costs.

b.Consultation service at the project planning stage

Prepare design mission book from the perspective of hotel management and services, propose adjustment suggestions to the function configuration, layout planning, and decoration style of the original design drawings (including engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment, logistics, kitchen, laundry room, etc.);

- Provide complete construction standards and technical specifications, inspect the construction, installation, municipal, landscape, fine decoration, lighting and other site construction processes, and put forward guidance suggestions;

- Provide guidance and advice in the aspects of shape, installation, decoration design and layout while the hotel is in the procurement process of various equipment, facilities, systems, accessories, furniture, appliances, decoration and display articles, and provide procurement means according to the requirement of Party A;

- Introduce the unique Fliport cost dynamic control system, and realize optimization management of the owner's investment through effective management and tight control of cost.

c.Assistant management during the opening preparation stage (from 6 months prior to the opening date to the date of opening ceremony)

- Prepare network diagram and business plan for the hotel opening;

- Set the procurement budget for the hotel opening and provide a procurement support platform;

- Assist the establishment of VI system, publicize and promote the opening ceremony, etc.;

- Develop hotel organizational structure and management system standard;

- Provide guidance and advice on talents recruitment and training.

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