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The Fliport Group provides personalized consulting services for small boutique hotels, spa resort hotels and other special type or special location hotel projects.

The Fliport Group has professional and rich experience in the development and management of characteristic hotel products. The complete product development system as well as the construction and operation standards will meet the needs of different property owners. The Group is good at organically combining the regional culture and characteristic culture with environmental resources, so as to create unique high quality hotels. In recent years, through its in-depth interpretation and development of the theme culture and environmental resources, the Fliport hotels have further strengthened their cultural characteristics and sense of hierarchy, thereby forming the unique Fliport-style hotel features.

Main services

1. Orientation planning: Regional and industry market development analysis, case analysis of regional representative hotel, competitive hotel analysis, hotel orientation planning, function and service feature planning, as well as the marketing and financial feasibility study.

2. Technical service: Hotel design consultation (overall plan, architecture, landscape, equipment, interior decoration); project management, engineering technical support, and procurement consultation or procurement cooperation support during hotel construction period; preparation consultation for hotel opening; and third-party professional technical support.

3. Other services: Cost control during the whole process, procurement cooperation support, staff positions and professional skills training, as well as the evaluation, selection and introduction of hotel management companies.

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