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Whether in the cities or in the scenic areas, the Fliport Group can provide new hotel construction projects located in different areas with professional consulting services, including: comprehensive project evaluation (regional market environment analysis, project investment budgeting, the consumer group positioning, hotel orientation, financial analysis, etc.), functional planning and design management, kitchen equipment layout, decoration consultation, site construction management and dynamic cost control, hotel management specification (prepare job responsibilities of each department, training plans of employees, post service specifications, contracts and manuals, staffing configuration, employee wage levels and departmental regulations), procurement consultation of hotel facilities and equipment, talent recruitment and training, preparation and promotion of advertisement and marketing plans, planning and preparation of hotel opening, etc.

Main services

1. Orientation planning: Regionaland industry market development analysis, case analysis of regional representative hotel, competitive hotel analysis, hotel orientation planning,marketing and financial feasibility study .

2. Technical service: Hotel design consultation (overall plan, architecture, landscape, equipment, and interior decoration); project management, engineering technical support, and procurement consultation or procurement cooperation support during the hotel construction period; preparation consultation for hotel opening.

3. Other services: Cost control during the whole process, procurement cooperation support, staff positions and professional skills training, as well as evaluation, selection and introduction of hotel management companies.

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