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Fliport Group Business Supreme Service Center

Fliport Group Business Supreme Service Center

Relying on Iport Group's resource advantage in airline, hotel, logistics, e-business and other industries, a third party call center service platform "96363" has been constructed to provide airport consulting, hotel reservation, logistics documentary, e-business procurement, etc. By providing "high quality", "high value" professional call services, it is committed to be a multi-functional call center that integrates customer service, electricity sales, booking service. The call center currently has 45 seats, and its system is able to connect 120 relays concurrently.


◆Effective control the human resources and cost; possess quality and efficient service team.

◆Professional process designs can be rapidly reproduced to provide customers with customized overall solution.

◆The call center business covers the airport business consulting, hotel and air ticket reservation, Anport shopping, vehicle rental, etc.

Address: 100 Xiangyun Yi Road, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, Xiamen, Fujian Province.

The Fliport Hotel Airport Lobby is located at the domestic arrival hall of Xiamen Airport, providing guests with hotel reservation, fast check-in, baggage consignment, convenient boarding, and other services of all the Fliport member hotels. At the same time, our guests can also receive considerate travel butler services such as car rental, business secretary, shopping agency, tour guide, etc.. Advantages: ◆ Special shower room and dressing room are set in the Lobby, where you can wash yourself, change clothes and take a naps to dispel fatigue. ◆ The whole business area of the Lobby is covered with WIFI service, and computers, fax machines, photocopiers and other office equipment are prepared for you to timely handle your business tasks. ◆ The recreational area also provides fine special tea, snacks, coffee drinks and books, so that you can enjoy the exclusive service experience of our brand. Address: Gate 9, Domestic Arrival Hall, Terminal 3, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, Xiamen, Fujian Province Gate 13, Domestic Arrival Hall, Terminal 4, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, Xiamen, Fujian Province.