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Fliport business boarding

Convenient one-stop service

One-stop "Fliport business boarding" service, make your business life smoother and easier

As frequent flyers, business people, in the face of busy work, tend to prefer a smooth travel trip, well-arranged travel schedule, in-time updates of flight information, reserved transport vehicle, and comfortable guest room during their travel, so as to dispel fatigue of travel, and feel comfortable even in the case of flight delays.

Stay at any member hotel of the Fliport Hotel Group, and you can enjoy the convenient one-stop flight waiting and boarding services that you expect. When you leave the hotel to the airport, as long as you hold the "Fliport Hotel Airport Lobby Service Card", you can check-in at a designated counter, pass security check through designated passage, and enjoy boutique snacks as well as comfortable leisure space in the Fliport departure lounge. A Fliport lounge attendant will remind you when boarding time approaches, so you can conveniently complete the flight without the sense of urgency, the burden of heavy luggage, and the boring waiting for flight.

The free 24-hour service hotline is 400-10-96363, we are willing to provide service for you anytime and anywhere.


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