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Experience the Fliport featured services, enjoy an easy business life

Fliport Hotel Airport Lobby: Innovative business experience, caring butler service

Fast check-in, save travel time

The Fliport Hotel Airport Lobby is located at the domestic arrival hall of Xiamen Airport, and it is divided into four service function areas, namely the reception area, business area, recreational area, and rest area. When you arrive at Xiamen Airport, you can directly go to the Fliport Hotel Airport Lobby to complete hotel reservation, fast check-in, baggage consignment, convenient boarding, and other services of all the Fliport member hotels. After completing the check-in procedure, you can go to the hotel by an airport shuttle bus, or immediately start your own business or travel plans, without worrying about the hotel check-in time, distance, and procedures.

Small space, multiple services, unique experience

In addition to fast check-in, the Fliport Hotel Airport Lobby also provides a number of other characteristic services: a shower room and a dressing room are specially set in the Lobby, if you need to meet with key people or conduct business negotiations immediately after getting off the plane, you can get washed, change clothes and take a nap here to dispel fatigue. Moreover, the whole business area of the Lobby is covered with WIFI service; and computers, fax machines, photocopiers and other office equipment are prepared for you to timely handle your business tasks.

The recreational area also has fine tea, snacks, coffee drinks and books available, please enjoy the brand exclusive service experience.

At the same time, the Fliport Hotel Airport Lobby provides check-out services for our guests. When you leave the hotel to the airport, you can enjoy convenient services in ticket check-in, security check, terminal waiting, and boarding link as long as you hold the "Fliport Hotel Airport Lobby Service Card". The Fliport Hotel Airport Lobby also provides customized intimate travel butler services, including car rental, business secretary, shopping agency, tour guide, and dining reservation services for the individual guests; and car rental, business services, meeting services, hotel information consultation and other value-added services are also available for the meeting groups.

The free 24-hour service hotline number is 400-10-96363, we are willing to provide service for you anytime and anywhere. The Airport Lobby is like a home for the guests in the journey, we hope that we can help our guests feel refreshed to enjoy their own journey.


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