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Company profile

Fliport Hotel Group, founded in May 2009, is a hotel enterprise built by Xiamen Iport Group Co., Ltd. with all efforts and a well-known hotel group on the west side of the Taiwan Strait. Ever won the honorary titles of one of “Top 10 Best Hotel Management Groups in China” and “Best Local Brand Hotel Management Group in China”.The Group implements a multi-brand development strategy, fully makes use of the advantages of the parent company in aviation services, takes self-built, self-operated and self-managed medium-end and high-end business hotel as the dominant business, and develops C & E (convention and exhibition), media, food and other related industries. There are 11 hotels invested and operated by Fliport Hotel Group,  more than 3000 rooms. Relying on the advantages of its parent company’s airline, travel and logistics, Fliport Hotel Group creates a new mode of modern services, devotes to creating high-quality, unique and high-end hotel, and pursues the delicate experience of business life.

The Fliport Group implements a multi-brand development strategy, involving middle and high-end business, housing, catering, health maintenance, and other middle and high end hotel consumption areas. Through constructing a "Fliport"-centered brand group and implementing corresponding brand operation management mechanisms, the Group has highlighted its brand connotation of "urban oasis, water-like kindness", establishing itself as a brand of quality, experience learning, cultural high-end brand that is suitable for business travel and spiritual relaxation. The group has 4 brand series, namely the Fliport Hotel, Fliport Resort, Fliport Garden, and Fliport Inn, all of which are committed to the innovation of modern service mode, the construction of quality, unique high-end hotels, and the supply of delicate experience of business life.

Brand vision: Strive to become a leading hotel brand with unique humanistic value

Brand mission: Create a close-to-nature sojourn culture that can enlighten the mind. Be responsible to the society and win respect of others

Brand value: Nature, comfort, and kindness

Urban oasis, water-like kindness

Urban oasis——Naturalness, low-carbon, health, culture are the best contacts between people and environment, the infinite caring dedicated to the guests and the society, the unique green space in the noisy city, and the exclusive cultural oasis during the busy, competitive business trip.

Water-like excellence——It is the outpouring of natural feelings, the meticulous care, and the warm and thoughtful considerations, soothing body and mind like the water quietly moistens all things on earth. Let our delicate service accompany your comfortable journey, and let our sincere concern nourish your heart just as the spring breeze and rain.